urban belly



I have a confession to make. I’ve fallen in love with a strip mall restaurant.

That’s right, this fast food-snubbing, rating-worshipping, self-proclaimed culinary elitist has been swept away by a noodle and dumpling shop where the dishes top out at a measly 13 bucks and the closest attraction is the Laundromat next door. That an epicurean gem could be nestled beside a business that functions exclusively on quarters seems unlikely, sure. Thing is, once you taste the food, it also seems irrelevant.

And as the brainchild of Bill and Yvonne Kim, it’s really no wonder. 

sex & dating q&a

When we first started dating two years ago, my girlfriend said she’d be open to a threesome—but we haven’t talked about it since. Did I miss my chance?

I hate to break it to you, but you probably never had it. Much like the way you talk up your net worth in the beginning of the relationship, we little minxes sometimes say things to play up our sexy, venturesome natures that probably wouldn’t pass a polygraph. The fact that she’s been radio silent about someone joining you in the sack (or on the kitchen counter, taste-depending) means... 


a culinary playground


You can go one of two ways at Blackbird.

One (the überfoodie, self-righteous, know-it-all route. Also, the Serena route.). Peruse the menu of elaborate, avant-garde offerings, assuring yourself you fully understand the juxtaposition of wagyu flatiron with smoked quinoa and baby swiss chard (got it), goat’s milk caramel (getting harder) and lemon balm (wait, all together?) before having tasted it. Of course you can predict the culinary renderings of nasturtiums and trout caviar with cuttlefish and buttermilk. You’ve totally had something like that…well, nowhere else. But still. You know food. So, you know. You get it.